ResiStat – Your Wicked Awesome Somerville Resource

Posted on December 10, 2010


* Image from the City of Somerville’s ResiStat website.

I’ve mentioned ResiStat before, but I think it’s time for a post dedicated solely to this excellent city resource run by ResiStat manager Daniel Hadley.

What is ResiStat? Here’s a little “About

The ResiStat program is the City of Somerville’s effort to bring data-driven discussions and decision-making to residents and promote civic engagement via the internet and regular community meetings. The goal is to connect residents from all different backgrounds to City Hall, providing valuable information to residents and using their feedback to improve city services. ResiStat works to engage residents in Somerville’s City government and community by:

•Hosting ward-based data-driven community meetings with Mayor Curtatone, your Aldermen, and high-level City Staff.

•Fielding residents’ concerns and questions regarding City policies and services through the SomerBlog, an online community forum designed to address residents concerns in a transparent, public space.

•Maintaining ResiStat e-mail lists and community calendar to provide information on city-sponsored and local events and announcements in Somerville, including those specific to your neighborhood.

•Making data on Somerville and city services available to the public through the ResiStat website.

Have you been to a ResiStat meeting for your ward? If not, I suggest you check one out! Upcoming (spring) meetings will be posted here.

And to tide you over between meetings, sign up to receive emails from ResiStat. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the city. This week’s email includes info on the Somerville Arts Council’s Illuminations Tour; the new video being screened at ResiStat ward meetings: Somerville On The Right Track; a reminder about the Young Somerville Advisory Group’s upcoming meeting on the December 15th with special guest speaker Monica Lamboy, Director or the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development; and a survey about the Somerville Central Library.

ResiStat is also a great resource for data on the city. Curious about how the single-stream recycling pilot program is going in select neighborhoods in Ward 5? Check out the chart here! (It’s going well and I’m hoping this data will support the expansion of the program city-wide.)

Want to know what the status is on the “No Turn on Red” sign at the corner of Somerville Ave and Beacon Street? Check out the latest info here. (Finger’s crossed that the sign will be removed soon!)

The other great thing about ResiStat? When you write in your comments will be heard and answered! It’s a great forum and the information presented looks even better these days now that ResiStat has a spiffy new website (great work, Daniel). Looking forward now to the city’s new website sometime early next year…