Mount Gilsonian and Our Workshop is Postponed (again) Due to Snow!

Posted on February 1, 2011


More snow! And I thought we had a lot of snow last week. And the week before that… So the question for all Somervillans remains, where do put the snow once you’ve shoveled off your front steps, your sidewalk, your car or your local fire hydrant? Our solution: Mount Gilsonian! (That’s me standing next to our mountain above and below.)

Mount Gilsonian (named for our Terrace) is the lovely, nearly 6′ pile of snow outside our living room window that’s the result of shoveling snow off our front steps and around our parking space since the first late-December storm. Without a real chance to melt it will probably remain until…at this rate…April?!

But I’m grateful to have a place to pile the snow at the end of our dead-end street in our densely packed city. And while “snow emergencies” can be a pain (park on only the odd side of the street by a certain time, move by a certain time) I have to commend the City of Somerville for its excellent work notifying residents about upcoming storms (yeah 311!), thorough snowplowing, and additional snow removal. Here’s a message from Mayor Curtatone about the city’s snowplowing efforts.

While snow days are fun — I love to cook big meals and bake banana bread — the weather is clearly working against our “11 Realities of Homebuying in 2011” workshop. We’ve decided to postpone a second time due to snow and I’ll keep in touch once we confirm our new date. So no workshop tomorrow, Wednesday, but I’ll let you know the new date soon!

Happy Snow Day!