Baking Bread, Open Houses and Twitter: A Realtor Weekend

Posted on February 11, 2011


As a Realtor, the majority of my weekend is devoted to work: showing properties, meeting clients, hosting open houses… When most of the world is off, those of us in real estate are on. And while I love being busy, I also like spending a little bit of time on the weekend at home, preferably reading, writing, and cooking.

Last weekend I baked bread for the first time on my own. I used to watch my mom make gorgeous loaves of crusty whole wheat bread, but I’d never tried it myself. For my own foray into bread making I went with the very easy no-knead recipe from Jim Lahey via Mark Bittman. All it takes is some flour, yeast, water, salt and a lot of time. I began the bread on Saturday afternoon and 20 or so hours of rising and 45 minutes of baking later I was pulling a golden, gorgeous round of bread out of the oven just before darting out the door to host an open house. The timing was perfect. (Okay, so maybe next time I’ll start the dough an hour earlier to give myself enough time to enjoy a thick slice of bread with butter before my open house. But it was a nice treat to come home to.)

On Saturday afternoon after mixing up the bread ingredients and setting the dough aside to rise, I decided to finally sit down and sign-up for Twitter. I have a blog, a Business Facebook page (you can “Like” me at Natasha Burger, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage) and a LinkedIn profile of course, but I had resisted exploring Twitter because, well, I really had no idea how it worked. But thanks to my super-helpful friend Robby, I was able to sign-up, set-up a profile, and start tweeting in about, oh, 5 minutes! And the biggest surprise? I love it! Who would have guessed? I like following other people — from the City of Somerville 311 @311Somerville, to Shaquille O’Neal @THE_REAL_SHAQ — and I love writing my own tweets. If you’re interested in learning about Twitter I have a great beginner’s guide courtesy of Robby. And you can follow me on Twitter @TashInTheVille

On my way to my open house last Sunday I tweeted this photo of the my open house sign wedged into a pile of snow: “Careful walking out there – snow is slippery but folks are still out and about visiting open houses. Think spring!”

Last Sunday felt spring-like at least.

This Sunday, February 13th, from 12:00 – 1:30 PM I’ll be back at 26 Cherry Street, Somerville for an open house for Units 2 and 3 (Unit 1 is under agreement). Then from 2:30 – 4:00 PM I’ll be in Cambridgeport at 88 Pearl Street #2, Cambridge.

My loaf of bread from last weekend is almost gone. Maybe tonight I’ll get start the process all over again. Have a great weekend!