Green Transportation: Bad News and Good News

Posted on August 3, 2011


Yesterday’s big news in Somerville was the announcement that the Green Line Extension will be delayed until at least 2018. State planners say the reason for the delay is the decision to “wait to obtain all or most of the parcels of land and environmental permits the billion-dollar project requires before the state puts major design and construction out to bid.” I agree with Somerville Mayor Curtatone when he calls the delay “unacceptable”. First the Green Line was supposed to be here by 2011, then 2014, then October 2015 (and along the way the state tried to get out of the project altogether until they were sued to force them to honor their commitment). I’m not sure what recourse we have, aside from signing this petition or contacting our local elected officials and letting them know that we want the Green Line to stay on track, but I will be following this story closely.

On a more positive transportation note, on Monday I saw my first Hubway bicycles on Seaport Boulevard in Boston. Hubway is Boston’s new bike sharing system with sites all around the city. From the Hubway website: “New Balance Hubway provides you with an accessible and green transit option.” At least we now have one “Green” transit option that we don’t have to wait for!

* Photo courtesy of Travel Across the United States: