Somerville Weathers the Storm

Posted on February 10, 2013


There’s something magical about walking through the city when there are no cars on the streets. On Saturday afternoon, I joined my friends and neighbors as we dug ourselves out of our homes, shoveled out our cars, and met up in Union Square to play in the snow, make snow sculptures, and dance.

Walking into UnionUnion Sculptures and Snowballs

In Union Square, my friends and I ran into the Mayor outside The Independent. (He was looking for lunch after spending the morning helping residents dig out their cars.) He kindly agreed to a photo and we thanked him for all the great work Somerville has done keeping the city safe during the storm. Check out this photo journal of the Mayor’s morning: Better than MIMBY (Mayor in My Back Yard)? MEMBA: Mayor Emancipates My Buried Auto!

Mayor Joe

Somerville’s response to the storm has been excellent, even plowing my little Terrace outside of Porter Square. (Terraces, Courts, and other private ways are often the last to get cleared and mine was done by 10PM last night.) The City posted updates on Facebook and Twitter and sent out 311 calls. If you don’t already follow the City on Facebook, I highly recommend it. If you have a comment or complaint you can post there as well. (For a mashup of a classic Tom Champion snow emergency phone call from 2009 listen here.)

Gilson 1Gilson 2

How was your snow day? Did you meet up in Union or Davis? What do you think of the city’s response to the storm? Are you looking for a good place to go sledding? Check out the Somerville Patch’s list of great sledding spots in Somerville. Enjoy and be safe!

Summer Street