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Buying a home is a hugely significant purchase. Finding a home and negotiating the price can quickly become a convoluted and stressful process. My goal is to make the entire home-buying process as transparent and stress-free as possible.


As a dedicated real estate professional I am an expert in our local real estate market. Every day I keep myself up-to-date with the latest market information including new listings, price changes, and recent closings. I also take the time to analyze trends in our marketplace. I make it my job to make sure that my clients understand the market as well as I do so that they can make informed, fact-based decisions.


As buyers and sellers alike will tell you, I am a skilled negotiator. I aim to get buyers the best value for their purchase. I also believe that good service does not end with the initial negotiation. I am a seasoned transaction manager and will make sure that the entire home-buying process from accepted offer to closing is as smooth as possible.

If you are looking for an honest, experiences, knowledgeable, and hard-working agent, contact me!

Here’s a great place to start your home search.

New buyers often ask me for an overview of the transaction process. Every real estate transaction is unique, but here’s a general overview so you can know what to expect and plan accordingly.


  • Day 1: Offer Presented with an earnest money deposit ($1,000) and pre-approval from a lender
  • Day 2: Accepted Offer
  • Within 5-7 Days of an Accepted Offer:  Home Inspection. This is also the time to contact a real estate attorney to represent you at the P&S and closing and to begin talking again with your lender.
  • Day 10: Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Day 11: Mortgage Application (First official application made, but you should already be in touch with a lender)
  • Day 32 (or approximately 3 weeks after signing the P&S): Mortgage Commitment
  • Day 45-60: Closing


Here’s a helpful checklist to get you prepared for the closing day: Buyer’s Closing Checklist

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